Sunday, July 15, 2018

Your First Triathlon

Katherine, today was a very special day. In the midst of our beautiful Okanagan summer, you ran your first kids triathlon today. I am amazed at the things you can do at 7 years old!

The idea to sign you up for the race came about many months ago when we talked about triathlons and how they combine swimming, biking and running and you told me that you love all three… and this sounded like fun!

As we got closer to the race day, we spend time in the pool preparing for the swim, and we spent time on our bikes preparing for the bike ride and I watched you run many times when I walked. You were ready!

Last night, when you were nervous before the race, we called our good friend, Crystal. She has run many Ironman triathlons and other races and you and she talked about race day. You were ready! 
Today you were ready! I watched you be focused and determined. You had a strategy for your swim technique, you were confident on your bike ride (wow, you took off so fast!!) and when I stood close to where you transitioned to your run I could see the determination in your eyes… and you finished strong at the end of your run, racing through the finish.

I loved being there, cheering you on together with daddy and our friend Crystal. She had made bright pink posters for you so could see them while racing… it was perfect, we were your biggest fans!!

You are teaching me that we do better when we have people around us who are cheering us on! It helps us to keep going and to make it through any race - and life! I saw you be strong and determined today – and have fun!! I am so proud of you today, and every day. I love you always and forever.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Your First Day of Grade 1

Katherine, today was your first day of grade 1… wow you’re my big “little girl” now!

We spent a fabulous summer together filled with adventures and a big 3-week trip to Germany. During our trip you experienced a lot of German traditions and you learned about a very special custom, one that you really wanted to be part of: the “Schultüte”… a special cone that’s given to a child on the first day of first grade in Germany, filled with treats, school supplies and toys. I grew up with this custom, and so did your daddy and I had planned for a long time already to carry this tradition forward on your first day of first grade. But even with travelling to Germany this summer, brining one of the ready-made cones back was just not feasible as it was too large & bulky for our luggage. But I did have a chance to have a close look at the ones in Germany, so when we returned I started a little craft project and made you your very own Schultüte and filled with with German chocolates, toys, pencils and erasers… and surprised you with it on the morning of the first school day.

As we took photos of you with your Schultüte, I realized that it was almost bigger than you (that wasn’t planned, but can happen when a mommy works on a surprise project late nights with no kid as size comparison). The smile on your face and sparkle in your eyes was priceless - what a perfect start to your first grade school year!

In Germany we have a saying that “mit der 1. Klasse beginnt der Ernst des Lebens” (that translates to „in first grade begins the seriousness of life“. I have heard this lots during our trip and I have to admit, I don’t agree with that statement – first grade should be about discovering learning and having fun with it. Dropping you off at school this morning – your face was beaming with excitement… and picking you up at the end of the school day – your face was still beaming with excitement! I am so excited for you for this year.

You are teaching me that life never needs to be as serious as old sayings make it sound. My wish for you is that you remember that there is always time to laugh, to be curious and to be excited about the little things in life! That there is always time to be silly, to read one more book, to have one more meaningful conversation. I love you always and forever.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Last Day of Kindergarten

Katherine, today was your last day of Kindergarten. It seemed like only yesterday that we dropped you off on your first day… I remember the last night before school started you had a hard time sleeping; you were worried about being at a new school, with new children and new teachers. You held daddy’s and my hand tightly as we dropped you off for the first time. But you needn’t worry because you made great friends and your teachers were nothing short of amazing in leading you this past year. I watched you thrive and become a confident little girl, and every morning when daddy and I dropped you off at school you gave us both a big hug, a kiss on the heart and told you that you love us… and then you turned around and walked away – towards your friends, learning and play.

I have quietly watched you walk away many mornings, watching you as you are growing up and becoming more independent, but knowing “there is always time for a kiss and a hug” (you tell me this often!)

At your school’s year end ceremony today every child was recognized for their areas of excellent improvement. You received your award for “reading and applying your understanding of new concepts”… I am so proud of you! You have discovered a love of learning that I hope stays with you throughout every day of your life.

You are teaching me that life is ever-changing;  to live every day with confidence, love and compassion… and that “there is always time for a kiss and a hug”. I love you always and forever.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My Superhero

Katherine, today was superhero day at your school… the challenge was to show up with your super powers, and dress the part too!

You didn’t hesitate long to decide that you wanted to be “Superhero Katherine”. A couple of years ago, I made you a superhero cape (pink, of course!) and that’s what you proudly wore today – along with a beautiful pink shirt with lots of hearts on it (and your superhero mask of course… every superhero needs a cool mask!)

You explained to me that as Superhero Katherine your superpower is LOVE. And you giggled as you told me that, because now it was time for you to share your real secret with me… “love isn’t just my fantasy superpower, it’s my real power”. Yes, it is my little girl – LOVE is truly your superpower – I see that in you every day!

You are teaching me that we can all be superheros (and maybe we should all wear a cape once in a while to remind us of that). When you were dressed in your real-life-superhero costume this morning, you looked up at me and said “I wish I could fly and a trail of hearts would come from my cape and spread all around the world”. You leave a trail of hearts wherever you go! I love you always and forever.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Concert

Katherine, last night was your Christmas Concert at school; it was so special to see you and the fellow students in your school perform. Your class sang a beautiful song “Lullaby of Love” and your class mates and you were dressed as sheep, cows and donkeys for your part of the Christmas story.

You were the most beautiful donkey I have ever seen! I know you have been practicing and practicing your song, and the most special part was to hear you sing your solo! I can’t tell you how proud I am of you!

I remember the moment you told me that you had a solo part in your class song “mommy, I’ll be singing by myself, in front of the whole school – just me!” As the day of the performance came closer, you were a bit anxious about it, and a few days ago you told me that you got it all wrong during your rehearsal. That’s ok; and I want to share a little secret with you… I do the same all the time when I’m preparing for a presentation and practice.

But when the big moment came, I saw you confidently sing your solo, not worrying or thinking; just being present, sharing your love and trusting yourself – and it was beautiful! 

You are teaching me that we can do anything we choose to, we just need to believe in ourselves. I am so proud to see you grow into the confident little girl you are becoming; you inspire me every day! I love you always and forever.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Your First Day of Kindergarten

Katherine, this week was your first day of Kindergarten. It’s a big step, you’re going from casual afternoons a few times a week at preschool to full day Kindergarten. It’s a big step for you… and for daddy and me. It’s your transition to becoming a more independent little human (you keep telling me that you are a “human” whenever we call you a little pup, a little monkey or anything else).

You look dashing in your school uniform, you are so proud as you carry your backpack all by yourself, you are so excited as you line up to go to the class room with your friends…. and I am watching you with a quiet smile, so proud of the confident “little human” you are becoming.

At the end of each school day this week you greet us with a beaming face and wild hair as we pick you up from your classroom – you’re clearly having the time of your life! Each day as I ask you a few questions about your school day the answer is always the same: “I don’t remember – I was having too much fun”. But at night, when we snuggle, you often start telling me little stories about your day… my favourite time of the day!

You are teaching me that you’re ready for bigger adventures in life, it’s the start of discovering the world on your own.

My little wish for you:
May you always trust in yourself,
may you always share your big heart with others,
may you always find fun and joy in all you do
…. every day as much as you do today.

I love you always and forever.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sparkly Eyed Moments

Katherine, this afternoon you kept asking daddy and me if we could go the playground. It was already late in the day and we were on our way home. The playground wasn’t in the plan, but we eventually gave in and made a surprise stop at the playground for you during the drive. I love it when you tell me “my eyes are sparkly” as your face lights up and beams with excitement (and your eyes really become sparkly).

We agreed on only “a few minutes”… which turned into almost an hour of sparkly-eyed playtime. Daddy and I settled on a bench as you climbed your way up to the really tall slide where you gave us the biggest wave before you raced the way down. Followed by more climbing and more waving as your adventure continued, you explored every structure on the playground and eventually made your way to your favourite… the swing!

Daddy gave you a good push to get you started and then stepped back and today was the first time I saw you keep the swing in motion by pumping your legs. You had been practicing for a long time, but today was your day. You managed to swing as high as the swing would go… or as you put it “watch me fly all the way up to the sky!”. Not taking any hands of the swing, you came up with a creative elbow wave to wave at us with bright, sparkly eyes and I couldn’t stop smiling as I was watching you.

You are teaching me that no matter what time of the day it is, there is always time to play; and there is always time to create sparkly eyed moments. I love you always and forever.